True artists hate cats.

Monday. If I was a football fan, this might be a more exciting day. Actually wait, didn't Monday night football get moved or something? I don't know. Someone let me know. Ok, so nevermind. So I have this block between 11:20-12:45 with nothing to do, like I don't have class. It's a good time to sit and think about something to write. Or to read. Today I chose to write in the blog, I feel I have neglected it for a little while now. That's rude. Not that I have anything of significance to report. Hey, does anyone else notice that Joel doesn't write in this? I think because he's such a big deal, and is like really rich and stuff that he thinks he doesn't have to lower himself to the blog. (ego) I'm kidding, he doesn't know how to type yet. But he's learning, so pray for him, it's been a struggle, and a lot of overcoming obstacles most of his family and friends thought he could never conquer. It's like Frodo taking the ring to Mordor. Or at least the same music plays to Joel's life soundtrack as the LOTR movies. Frodo dies though. Back to business. So like Andrew said, we have quite a bit more material we are learning, which is cool but means we have to start cutting stuff. I suppose we just have to sort of develop what sound is most comfortable or something. Whatever that means. Ok so listen, I have to go to class now, maybe I'll write more later or something. I'm not sure yet. I love you. Bye.

(just kidding, it's daniel)


if and only if <--> (phl321)

if you come to the shows, and only if you come to the shows...we can share our music with you, which is what we want to do. two benefit shows in a row. the first at cafe noir is for homeless youth. the second at ikebox is for improved equipment in order to increase capacity for larger touring bands. it's nice. we get to play with many of salem's most well-known bands; righteous animal, sad panda, the funhouse strippers, sister ray, etc. it will be fun.

sadly, recording is still in front of us and not behind us. but we've put more focus into writing new music. a few new songs. i think we have enough songs where we'll have to start choosing which songs not to play for our shows. logic logic logic logic...reason reason reason reason. faith. and we're all getting smart at college.


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of course, Henry the horse dances the waltz...

this is the day where we all go back to school. i know that if i had the choice this morning of getting up and going to class, or not getting up and going to class, i would have probably chosen 'not'. but i shan't be complaining of that on this day. afterall, school keeps me from getting addicted to those cocaine pills, and sexually transmitted diseases. how are we you ask? what are we up to you inquire? whoa whoa, slow down, one at a time please. well we have had pretttttty productive rehearsals lately, and have acquired more material which is nice to have. maybe if you come to a show you will understand. i havnt talked to Andrew today, but if i know him, he's probably doing real fancy like. as for joel, well here, say hello to him...

other than that, i beat Zelda:Windwaker before christmas break, so thanks to those of you who were praying for me, i really appreciated it. my next battle will be Matrix:path of neo. so, just keep that in mind. goodbye friends. does anyone read this?
i think i might have pink eye.