True artists hate cats.

Monday. If I was a football fan, this might be a more exciting day. Actually wait, didn't Monday night football get moved or something? I don't know. Someone let me know. Ok, so nevermind. So I have this block between 11:20-12:45 with nothing to do, like I don't have class. It's a good time to sit and think about something to write. Or to read. Today I chose to write in the blog, I feel I have neglected it for a little while now. That's rude. Not that I have anything of significance to report. Hey, does anyone else notice that Joel doesn't write in this? I think because he's such a big deal, and is like really rich and stuff that he thinks he doesn't have to lower himself to the blog. (ego) I'm kidding, he doesn't know how to type yet. But he's learning, so pray for him, it's been a struggle, and a lot of overcoming obstacles most of his family and friends thought he could never conquer. It's like Frodo taking the ring to Mordor. Or at least the same music plays to Joel's life soundtrack as the LOTR movies. Frodo dies though. Back to business. So like Andrew said, we have quite a bit more material we are learning, which is cool but means we have to start cutting stuff. I suppose we just have to sort of develop what sound is most comfortable or something. Whatever that means. Ok so listen, I have to go to class now, maybe I'll write more later or something. I'm not sure yet. I love you. Bye.

(just kidding, it's daniel)


Blogger andrew said...

i like cats...what's wrong with cats? what's wrong with me?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

exactly. what's wrong with you. ok, well i was going to explain in the blog why i titled it that, but i forgot. Here's the deal. At our apartment (Joel and I) there are at least one infinity cats that run around all the time, and they are extremely rambunctious and they try and come in to our apartment all of the time, and they go under our apartment and like deuce everywhere, so when we come home from a long day of work, it usually smells of cat shi#. That is very upsetting to me, they just seem arrogant and disrespectful, that's all. also, they sleep on my car, without asking. they are just rude. Some people are cat people, some are dog people. I, personally am an Owl person. No offense Andrew, i do love you, but cats are from Lucifer himself.

Blogger andrew said...

i thought you were danny devil. satan...lucifer.

owls are creepy. and it's common knowledge that dogs are the evil of animals. opposite of god.dog

Anonymous Anonymous said...

same thing though


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