RE: Sugarfest

Thank you to all of you that made it out to the show at the Grand. It was a really fun time, with many great bands, lots o' music. What more could you want in an evening? Here is a small update. We just finished tracking the final song on the full length record. Kind of. There some bits and pieces that need filling in. After many listens, finding imperfections that need re-done. Some imperfections are cool. Just the ones that make my brain and ears hurt. We don't know a lot of details about the release of this record yet. I will say that we have decided on putting on a whopping 14 tracks. It's a lot. We're excited. All new songs. No re-releases. Stay tuned friends.



The Great Saboteur.

Hello friends and lovers. As you may know, Symmetry/Symmetry has been tracking a full length record for the past nine months or so. It is definitely going wonderfully, and it has been a fun little journey. We are now in the mixing stage, for the most part. Some songs need a little more tender care, and rough love than others, but all in all we're definitely pushing ahead. We would like to share with you one song that we enjoy playing and hearing, which has been one we've been playing for some time now. I believe we wrote it right as we began tracking this album. Oddly enough, it's also the last song we've written together that i can remember. Anyhoo, enough gab. We are posting it tomorrow (monday) morning and hope you enjoy it. If you read this blog than you get first news dibs. I forgot to say that the song is called ''The Great Saboteur" and for some reason instead of editing my post, i would rather just add this awkward ending statement as i remember my negligence. OK. enjoy. bye.