The Great Saboteur.

Hello friends and lovers. As you may know, Symmetry/Symmetry has been tracking a full length record for the past nine months or so. It is definitely going wonderfully, and it has been a fun little journey. We are now in the mixing stage, for the most part. Some songs need a little more tender care, and rough love than others, but all in all we're definitely pushing ahead. We would like to share with you one song that we enjoy playing and hearing, which has been one we've been playing for some time now. I believe we wrote it right as we began tracking this album. Oddly enough, it's also the last song we've written together that i can remember. Anyhoo, enough gab. We are posting it tomorrow (monday) morning and hope you enjoy it. If you read this blog than you get first news dibs. I forgot to say that the song is called ''The Great Saboteur" and for some reason instead of editing my post, i would rather just add this awkward ending statement as i remember my negligence. OK. enjoy. bye.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joel--it's Trevor Brandt from Sprague. Was checking out your music since I think my little brother opened for you once several months back. That song Great Saboteur you guys posted is quite good. Like shivers down my spine good. I listen to some of the other bands around Salem (since my brother himself recently started gigging), and although there are quite a few decent instrumentalists around, you guys stand out so much in song-writing and arranging--and with just three people? Geesh. Nicely done. Looking forward to the first full-length. Hope you guys break through soon on the national scene--I get the feeling it's more of a when than an if.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha... just clicked. Daniel Jones. Danny Jones. Got it. Hi to you too! Trevor

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh I just heard this on KEXP seattle and it was the goodness.

Blogger (null) said...

thanks yous.

Blogger Chris said...

Heard this song on 97/7 HD2, love it, keep up the good work


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