portland mercury.

"I hate to sound clich├ęd but I have a hunch you will enjoy symmetry/symmetry if you think OK Computer is one of the best modern rock albums ever recorded. Explicit comparisons to Thom Yorke set aside, symmetry/symmetry maintains emotional sincerity by exploring spacious musical territories through the cavernous realms of human expressionism. This past year, the trio have been priming their debut, Love Breaks Light, due in February. Their masterpiece is "Le Fin," which begins with an isolated guitar played sullenly underneath Daniel B. Jones' falsetto warning: "Prepare for the war/The storm is at your door." This quickly morphs into an Armageddon of heavy-hitting drums and a spree of electronic mutilation professing the one truth you do not want to hear: "Everyone will die." ' EM BROWNLOWE - PORTLAND MERCURY


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