In The Studio - Day 4

Hello interweb. My name is Joel. I am a member of the angst ridden rock trio 'Symmetry/Symmetry.' This is my first post on internet, so look out for some shocking things to happen. 

We successfully completed our first drum tracking session today...hooray. Andrew pounded out (literally) his parts to 3 songs we hope to put on the record. He did very well, you all should be proud of him.

Here he is all mic'd up and errrything...cute!

Unfortunately, we did have some obstacles along the way. Even though Daniel was crawling around trying to fix things for a long time, he provided something pleasant to look at...HOTT!

We had two friends named Billy come visit us today at separate times. It was nice and ironic (because they both have the exact same name). 

Now I'm sitting and listening to Daniel mix drums for 'My Sister/My Friend' they sound very good and hip-hoppy. 

I will leave you all with this picture. You see, Danny is all mad about the audio machinery not co-operating, and I wanted to experiment with the auto picture-taking features on my Kodak EasyShare C743 camera. I thought it would be the most fun to sneak into the picture without Danny noticing. I think you'll find that it made for a very creepy picture! 

Yours Truly, 


Blogger (null) said...

lucky for you i didn't notice you sneaking up behind me. I have been trained by martial arts masters to kill anyone trying to sneak up on me with lightening fast blows. Just be thankful. Very thankful.


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