In The Studio - Day 3

Hello. We just got back from playing some terribly fun shows with the scott ryan crew, as well as norman. They are both quite fun and kind. We are back in the studio today and writing some more things. tonight will be the first night for andrew to track some drums, i think he's excited. a moment ago he was eating a bagel with hummus on it, and he dropped it on the floor, smearing the hummus on the carpet whilst extracting hairs, lint, and dirt which became enfused into his delicious bagel snack. he ate it. so i would like to get back to work now, but thought i would let you know that there is, or will soon be a youtube video of us playing in seattle. it's the wedding song. it's a cool venue, so i hope you like it. well i will leave you with some pictures. bye now.

love, daniel.


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