Jan.13, 2018


10 Year Anniversary Shows!

Friday, December 2nd @Alberta Abbey in Portland
Saturday, December 3rd @IKE Box in Salem


Aug.27, outdoor show at Broadway Coffeehouse!



New Year's Eve @Taproot Salem!


Ethos Music Outreach Program Benefit. Dec.3rd @Aladdin Theatre

Daniel and Andrew will be participating in this Ethos Music Outreach Benefit Battle of the Bands. We have prepared a cover tune for the show, something we don't do often, but thought it might be fitting to play an ode to an influence for music education! we're playing this event, not to compete, but to help support in the community!

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015. Aladdin Theatre. 7pm. tickets


Mick Learn Benefit Sept.7th @Doug Fir Portland!

oh snap! Mick at doug fir has been one of the best sound technicians we've had the pleasure of working with, a band favorite for live-stage-sound! Thanks man. Earlier this year he broke his arm badly and had surgery inserting a metal plate and screws. For Mick and his family, we're going to rock for you! labor day, monday, september 7th, 6:30pm. s/s set at 8.


Scott Ryan / Daniel Jones 2015 Tour Aug.28-Sept.5

check out Scott Ryan, touring with our very own Daniel Jones,
Daniel will be performing a solo set along with accompaniment on Scott's set:
Aug.28 - The Bartlett - Spokane, WA
Aug.30 - Trillium Cafe - Hood River, OR
Aug.31 - White Eagle - Portland, OR
Sept.1 - Broadway Coffeehouse - Salem, OR
Sept.2 - Bombs Away Cafe - Corvallis, OR
Sept.4 - Whiskey Jacques - Ketchum, ID
Sept.5 - The Olympic - Boise, ID


we have updated the t-shirt stock/sizes for the Infinity(zero) T, and added all of the coinciding-merch for the album available for preview and purchase at our bandcamp, along with free streaming of the full album!

also, fresh news coming soon! stay tuned, as always! yours forever, symmetry/symmetry, perpetually




Thank you so much to all of our family/friends/fans who have followed us around these past 8 years and have continued coming to shows, show after show, over and over. donating resources, inviting friends, and showering your love! and now we present:
Recorded and Produced by: symmetry/symmetry
Mastered by: Jeff Stuart Saltzman

1. Machine
2. I Could Be You
3. (H)ourglass
4. Words
5. Daryl
6. Half Open
7. Overjoyed


"Machine" - live at Doug Fir Lounge, Nov.8, 2013 - t.h.a.n.k.s. c.a.s.c.a.d.i.o.m.

symmetry/symmetry - Machine from Cascadiom.

T.H.A.N.K.S. C.A.S.C.A.D.I.O.M.


Infinity(zero) 2014

we are giddy to announce the release of our brand new album, December 19th, available digitally worldwide! It goes by the name, 'Infinity(zero)' - we have a few release shows in our hometowns for our dear friends, family & fans! The first is December 19th @Gov Cup in Salem. The second is December 21st @Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, with our friends Norman & Brette and Blake! Both shows will be awesome, more details coming soon.

The record will be availabe by download December 19th here---> http://symmetrysymmetry.bandcamp.com/ and other places like iTunes, etc. we are so happy to share music! we hope you love sharing it, too!

December 21! 'Infinity(zero)' Album Release #2!

December 19! 'Infinity(zero)' Album Release!

thanks to Evan & Alyssa from Gov Cup!





We will dig the graves. We will water the roots. To those who love. To those who neglect.

Some days I fear that Art is dying. Some days I believe it can never die. The realities of these dichotomies suggest only one truth, and that is that it is a living spirit. Therefore, if we are the curators of Art, then, it is our responsibility to feed it, nourish it, and water its roots. When we stop, it begins to whither. When we love it, it grows exponentially into something with limitless possibility.

All things are one.

One, can always be another.




Should I feel overjoyed, that you've found your love in someone else's arms?
Does he hold your fiery heart like a rose in the palm of his hand?
If we had built these walls from something stronger, something never meant to fall,
would it be secure? Or is it the foundation that is tearing it apart?
Does time compose love, or make it grow old?
We will never really know, we keep closing the door.
Does God make peace, or do we make our own?
We will never really know, we'll just suffer the cold.

Should I feel overjoyed that someone stronger keeps you from ever being alone?
I feel overwhelmed at the fear of my father coming out.
What's even more insane, I refuse not being inspired by pain.
Am I a foolish son? Do I love, or do I hate what I've become?

Does love heal wounds, or does it make them grow?
We will never really know, we keep closing the door.
Does God make peace, or do we save our own souls?
We'll never even know, we just suffer the cold.
If passion warms hearts, what then makes them cold ?
We will never really know, we'll keep closing the door.
I don't even know how long i've been gone.


Mind, Your Head.

A construction worker approached me with a found wallet in front of our "house" and asked me if I knew the person it belonged to. I didn't, but he gave me the wallet anyhow. I took the wallet to the police station downtown, which was easy to spot, as it was elegantly lit with neon signs. I approached the front counter with wallet in hand and was hesitantly greeted by the woman at reception. I told her I had found a lost wallet, and wanted to turn it in, by recommendation of a representative of her bank. She took my name, and penciled a detailed description of the events surrounding my acquirement of the wallet, and returning it. She instructed me to wait patiently in the lobby until an officer summoned me for further questioning. I turned and was greeted by the eyes of a man around my age, perhaps a little older, with long, dark, greasy hair, and matching beard. He was dressed in black from head to toe, an outfit that had obviously been worn, uninterrupted for a lengthy amount of time. His voice caught me off guard. "Seems awfully difficult to be a good samaritan anymore." I awkwardly laughed and agreed: "I suppose." He added: "The more you see, the closer you become to sitting where I'm sitting." I didn't respond. He then offered a lightness to the mood by making a few quips about there being cash in the wallet, and some more obvious commentary on natural reaction. He was then summoned out of the room, and I to another counter. I eventually handed in the wallet to the appropriate authorities and was offered a receipt. I politely denied the receipt, as it was not my wallet. I left the police station and passed the man in black once again, who asked me for a light. He thanked me twice, and offered me a cigarette that was obviously pulled out of a nearby ash tray or garbage can moments before. I denied it. He told me I would be rewarded, and I told him I was entitled to nothing, and joked that if anything comes of this occurrence, it would be a mere test of karma. He replied "It is karma, just not the way you choose." The point of this story is not to parade something that would be interpreted as a selfless act, or to inform you of how good of a samaritan I can be, but merely an interesting portrait of truth, and justice. Its not a story of how bizzarre or corrupted the concepts are, but rather how surprising their vessels can be. Mind, your head.