a bio of sorts...or...auto-bio. like automobiles.

symmetry/symmetry became a band in september of 2006. the name "symmetry/symmetry" was the title of a demo track daniel did back during the fall of fofs, he called it, "an experiment with recording equipment and new song ideas, nothing serious." that demo track doesn't appear anywhere in any of symmetry/symmetry's current material.

in september of 2006, symmetry/symmetry formed of three friends; joel uram, daniel jones and andrew quackenbush. the question of a bass player was asked, but never seriously considered. though other friends have shown interest in joining the band to play bass, it never felt right to the three amigos to add a fourth member. there is a chemistry and a uniqueness about the three as they are.

during symmetry/symmetry's first rehearsal in late september of 2006, daniel showed the band a song he had just written, "le fin". and by the end of that rehearsal, the band had its first song. after another handful of rehearsals throughout the next few months on saturday mornings, the band had 5 songs written and show ready. le fin, turn to speak, i am not anemic, if/then & sweet as they may(be). symmetry/symmetry's first live performance was on Friday, November 24th, 2006 in Salem, Oregon.

after that first show, symmetry/symmetry consistently played shows monthly until the summer of 2007. in february of 2007, the band began to self-produce what will become their debut release, "love breaks light ep" - (set to release early fall of 2008) - the band experienced a sort of lull between june and september of 2007, only playing one show during that three month span with rehearsals scant as well. beginning again that september, the band returned to playing live shows monthly (over 20 shows in 9 months). In May of 2008, symmetry/symmetry had a track, "turn to speak", included on the very quality "Stereo Salem" compilation double-disc.

the band plans to play through june and then take a break from live shows during the summer of 2008 and begin working hard on a self-produced full-length album.

symmetry/symmetry is determined to create music passionately. their niche is that the song is attached to an emotion, and that emotion is portrayed through the song. the music itself is what's important. the song is sacred. if a song loses its meaning for a time, the band will not play it.

- June 4th, 2008 -

currently listening to: "Happy Songs for Happy People" by: Mogwai.


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