Captain Hypocrite vs. King Liar

Hi girls and boys. we played a couple of shows last weekend. what a fun time. we played at cafe/noir on friday night, Mike, who does the booking and whatnot is a very nice guy. the downside to this show was that we had some sound issues. well, if you considering not playing with a P.A. a sound issue. i suppose we made it work, we played a few songs anyway, all in all i think we all felt pretty frustrated about the outcome. But we appreciate those of you who came, the support means a lot to us. that's all i have to say about that. The next night (saturday) we played at the Ike Box. We were able to play all of our rehearsed material, which was a treat. It was a good energy, i think we played well, the people at the Ike box were a pleasure to work with, all in all, it was a grand time. Much fun. Thanks also to all of you who came to that show, it was a fun one for us. And a double thanks for those of you who came to both, that's a lot of symmetry to be had in a weekend. as far as recording goes? well isn't that something. i think we are ready. We will probably start working on the demo ep now, which will be lots of fun. fun and scary. at least, i'm scared. Then i think we will pretty much begin working on the full/feature length album. weeeee. so stay tuned.. ok? well anyways i'm probably gona go surf the internet now, there's like millions of hot singles that want to meet me on myspace, so i think it's about time i tended to that. im just kidding. seriously though, there are.



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