EP work. 2.10.07

We're setting up drum mics. Musicians running late. We're all running late, especially me. Working on "turn to speak". We realized how much the tempo naturally changes at the end; so drastically that we did it in the recording as well. Tweeking drums a lot, being the first song we worked on, it took many takes. But the final outcome is very nice, drumwise. Then we worked on drums for "lines". We ran into the same problem with the tempo changing at the end, so we did it in recording, again. Drums done for two songs, once we figured out the tempo changes for lines, the first time through, I nailed the drum track because i was tired. I wanted to be done. Joel did guitar for both songs, and Daniel started guitar on "lines". I wasn't present for guitar tracking, so I don't know any interesting details about that. Daniel said he might do some mixing tonight. I watched "the science of sleep" tonight, it was very good. we're recording again tomorrow (sunday), day 2.


currently listening: "Sea Change" by: Beck. http://www.beck.com/


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