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if you come to the shows, and only if you come to the shows...we can share our music with you, which is what we want to do. two benefit shows in a row. the first at cafe noir is for homeless youth. the second at ikebox is for improved equipment in order to increase capacity for larger touring bands. it's nice. we get to play with many of salem's most well-known bands; righteous animal, sad panda, the funhouse strippers, sister ray, etc. it will be fun.

sadly, recording is still in front of us and not behind us. but we've put more focus into writing new music. a few new songs. i think we have enough songs where we'll have to start choosing which songs not to play for our shows. logic logic logic logic...reason reason reason reason. faith. and we're all getting smart at college.


currently listening to "elysium" by: The Velvet Teen. http://myspace.com/thevelvetteen


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yea, its true though.


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