recycled and new.

That's the way good music seems to be. You can't really find music that's completely new...it comes from somewhere. But music does need some qualities of novelty, or it's not art, it's nothing. You have to experiment a little. You must have fun, try something that's ridiculous or over the top. Most importantly, you must feel it. Sincerity.

So, we've had 4 or 5 practices. They've been fun. This last one was really swell. It's nice to have more than 2 songs now. Now we can go through the songs a few times and we've played a few hours and we don't want to stop yet.

Well, we're going to try to have a show before December hopefully, but we'll see. December should be good, we're hoping to record some songs and start playing shows regularly. Daniel and Joel were in a band called 'Fear of Falling Stars', i was their biggest fan. recycled and new.


listening to "a ghost is born" by Wilco. http://www.wilcoworld.net/


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