things happen fairly quickly.
symmetry/symmetry is a project that happened extremely fast. that is not to say that the music feels rushed, but rather the flow of our writing has felt steady. i am extremely excited about this project as it is definitely a stretch from what we are all used to, and probably comfortable with. it's nice to write without rules sometimes. it's nice to trust. i feel that we each have a great deal of respect for one another, which allows us to also trust one another. our first show is approaching. i hope we are ready, or will be. it's fun to be as nervous as i am right now. i wonder if people will enjoy/get the music. i hope so. i like it.



Blogger andrew said...

i agree. it sort of feels like i'm in a pool with no escape and i'm not quite sure how to swim yet. but it is sort of a fun nervousness, like you said.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you daniel,i like want to marry you someday,i go to all your shows, but im to nervous to talk to you, so i run away and hide. o and you do music lots of good,yes goodness thrives in you.
luv ya =)


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