new songs on myspace. dinner in portland.

yesterday. i went to downtown portland with my girlfriend and one of her friends. i was sitting outside on the sidewalk while they were inside shopping, i was using the convenient MetroWiFi. it was free to me, while i was sitting on the sidewalk. and i saw that daniel put up two of our songs on the myspace. "sweet as they maybe" and "lines" ---fun.

so i texted mister daniel. yea, we text sometimes. and we decided to do dinner. daniel and his girlfriend were going to meet up with us. so we were planning on going to a neat thai restaurant. well, we met there, but it was closed, and i was pleased to find joel as a surprise, i didn't expect him to be at dinner. well, i just mentioned that maybe we should go to curry in a hurry, sort of as a joke, but becca said it's way good. our other option, just around the corner, was speedy linguine. i wasn't too excited about either. i decided that restaurant's names shouldn't rhyme. it's weird. curry in a hurry/speedy linguine.

well, we got there 10 minutes before they were closed. sad night for some people, but happy night for us. 4 of us ordered the same plate, the veggie saute. joel and becca both got a spicy chicken plate. yummy. italian was good, and we had fun. it took forever for us to figure out when to have practice this week. thursday afternoon? does daniel work? shit. we can't figure it out. will you be at church sunday morning? can i stay the night? are we really free to do the show saturday night? do we really need to practice? joel's never needed practice, according to him.

well. hello.


currently listening: "Happy Songs for Happy People" by: Mogwai.


Blogger (null) said...

i thought it tasted pretty good.
i am going.
you totally can stay the night.
love you.


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