In The Studio - Day 2

Hello again. It is friday the thirteenth. Isn't that scary? ya. i thought so. I got some new microphones in the mail last night. Always exciting. We mic'd up Joel's drum set and started recording some side project stuff. Andrew is very upset about it. I tried to tell him it isn't personal, it's just that Joel and I have a bunch of material that's just not really symmetry/symmetryish. So it would be a waste to not record it. You know? it's not like we are cheating on you Andrew. Or should i say..... Amerging. Anyhoo, i believe i mentioned last time that the studio is located in the center of an old mortuary, and i thought it would be fitting to post some scary pictures of what the rest of this place looks like. Or at least the basement. This place is very creepy at night, i don't know whether or not you believe in ghosts/spirits/whatever, but late at night when the coffee shop closes upstairs you can hear someone walking around. "o it's just an old building that has creaks and moans" you say. Ya bullshit, it's totally haunted. If you don't believe me fine. Maybe it is just an old building. And maybe this whole time that you've been reading this blog, a ghost from a time long before yours has crept behind you waiting to spill the blood of a non-believer such as yourself.... Scary huh? I know that you for sure turned around, or at least became more aware of your surroundings. Ironic? i think so. think about. Either way, being more aware of the environment around you is a very good asset. It makes you a very good hunter. Like a lion, or a panther. Except a panther is way faster than you. But a cheetah is faster than a panther, and a lion is stronger than a cheetah. So who would win? would the cheetah just run from battle? probably. Either way if you got into a fight with a cheetah, lion, or panther, you'd be totally $#*%&@. So here's some pictures of work time.... and scary time.

i told you, this place is actually really scary.



Blogger bomonro said...

yes it is! i was practicing down there one night, and i had to leave because my mind was playing games with me! i believe you daniel.

sam (bo.m)


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