new show, new songs, new love...

we're very honored and excited about being asked to play the show this saturday night with our friends in Hubcap Annie. it will be a very fun time, a few days before christmas, seeing friends...a reunion in many ways.

over the past few weeks, since our dec.2 show...we've had some great rehearsals. last monday, we played straight for over 3 hours. we have 2 new songs to share for you on saturday. and we like each other more all the time...(i suppose i'm speaking for myself on that. but i feel it's quite mutual.)

have cake/eat it too. punk song. i am not anaemic. abortion. if/then. dm. gm.



the devil indeed. i am.

seeing a band like Gosling play their music so well is refreshing. like a bath. with mint leaves in it, like a mint julep bath. i've never had a mint julep, but i bet it would be refreshing to bathe in one. how do you spell julep? anyhoo... it's just nice to see artists playing music that's so real to them. so inspirational. all of them such phenomenal musicians. i suppose that's all i have to say about them right now, really you just have to see them for yourself. pick up their record. you'll understand. as far as symmetry/symmetry goes, i felt that we played well, at least well-er, my only hesitation upon saying that is i feel i am not as strong as i would like to be, or that our music demands/deserves. i'll get there. boo-hoo. it's so nice to see people coming to hear the music. it means a lot to us. it really does, that's why we are doing it you know. hopefully this Christmas break time we can record an album of sorts, with hopes that my dear friend Guy will assist us in this venture. i figure if i plug him like that in this blog, he will be so guilt ridden, and feel that it is indeed his duty to do so. just kidding Guy, you don't have to if you don't want. but seriously, help us. i'll give you a backrub. i think i'm gonna keep this blog going, i have some more stuff to talk about. so, i'm very obsessed with the Legend of Zelda games, i think i have a problem. really. i am currently playing the Windwaker, for gamecube. it's so fun/addicting. I can't find Makar, the little tree dude again, i'm supposed to teach him a song with my windwaker, as well as someone else, who plays a harp, i don't know where they are. any help would be greatly appreciated. Further, i have a new band you guys should check out, i missed my bus this morning, so i had the opportunity to stand and wait at the bus stop for 45 additional minutes, where in this time i had the opportunity to catch up on some much needed listening. the band is called: Ours. check em' out, really cool stuff. i'm not going to spell check this one. sorry.





we had a great time last night. the black black black are always great. gosling showed up late, but they were nice as usual. and the look were really cool people and had a great sound. it was a great line-up.

Michael had some great things to say to us. first he told me that we had some spirit. we talked about how the majority of people right now aren't willing to free themselves and open up, especially when it comes to something as beautiful as music. it's hard to see a musical artist so deeply into the music, and then a crowd of people standing there watching, with seemingly no reaction, or emotion. Michael then suggested to us that we videotape ourselves playing, in order to see how we interact in performance and where we might improve.

encouraging and helpful words from Michael, (the perpetual construction worker/painter/musician, etc.)


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...a flyer.

like danny devil said, i'm nervous for the show. but it's going to be very fun. I think 'the black black black' have been added to the line-up, but don't hold it against me if they haven't been...it might just be my mind making things up again. it will be fun playing this show, and then hopefully writing some more... (maybe recording) during the month of december. look for some more shows in january.

isaac carpenter of gosling is one of my favorite drummers ever, i learned a lot from him. it's going to be a great experience to be scared brownpants.e.d. in front of him saturday night. can't wait to see all of you saturday. bye.


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Here is...

we are playing with Gosling, i'm pretty nervous...again. hope all goes well, and hope to see you there. lots of hoping. anyways, saw a great band last night, Menomena, probably one of my favorite bands of all time. very inspirational. also saw some good friends from Shepherds of Ontario, great people, great musicians, bad beer.

go to this nice place... www.menomena.com

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