to dance.

i was talking to my friends Alex and Jen, of Kalaloch, after our show the other night on sept. 29th. it was Sad Panda's final show. Sad Panda was a fun techno/dance/pop type band. Anyway, Jen said that during "lines", which is sometimes in 7/4, she overheard a few 14 year old girls say that they liked this band but sure couldn't dance to it like they could to Sad Panda. that said, my girlfriend and i did have a wonderful time dancing to sad panda.

well that was a fun show. we should have an EP done soon. we have another song to record, but the other 4 songs are mixed a bit. i think we'll probably try to get it manufactured in some way after Christmas, when we have a some money maybe. come check out our shows coming up before then. we've been having fun with some newer songs.


currently listening to: "Medicine Madison" by: The Empty.