she will feed you tea & oranges

...that come all the way from China

Hi. It's been a while since i have written a blog. Sometimes things are crazy. ya know? So first off thanks for those of you who came to the show last friday at Cafe Noir. It was a nice day wasn't it? yes it was. So anyways, i promise that there is progress as far as the EP goes. I think that we have a pretty good idea of what songs will be on it, and the mixing is going smoothly for the most part. Right now i am having some hardware issues and am trying to work around that, so bare with me. Soon and very soon there will be a new song on our myspace to listen to. I know that ive said that before, but i'm holding to that. Plus 'soon' is the operative word. Soon, to me could mean something completely different than you. Anyways. Stay in touch, keep on keeping on. bye now.